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Research and consultancy on the strategically relevant questions of today's and tomorrow's international politics

The Metis Institute

Named after the Greek goddess of prudence and wise counsel, the Metis Institute for Strategy and Foresight brings academic knowledge to bear on today’s and tomorrow’s strategically relevant challenges of international politics.

At home at Bundeswehr University Munich, Metis connects academic inquiry with policy practice. It combines continuous and scientifically rigorous research with problem-oriented, interdisciplinary counsel to the Policy Department at the Federal Ministry of Defence.


The Metis Institute publications are freely available for download under a Creative Commons License.

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At irregular intervals, the Metis Institute invites conversation partners to dive deeper into specific issues and broaden our horizon.

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As an interface between government, business, science and civil society, the Metis Institute regularly organizes workshops and discussion panels on various topics, including as part of the Munich Security Conference.

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  • Workshop July 2022 - EU, NATO and National Security Strategy
  • MSC Public Square: Conversation with the new German Defence Minister
  • 5th Meeting of the Strategy and Foresight Network on the subject of extremism, terrorism, and radicalization


Prof. Dr. Carlo Masala
Prof. Dr. Carlo Masala
PD Dr. Frank Sauer
PD Dr. Frank Sauer
Head of Research
Dr. Konstantinos Tsetsos
Dr. Konstantinos Tsetsos
Head of Foresight

Research Team:

Carlotta Dieckmann
Maximilian Gentes
Luisa Hanke


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